Metering Questions



Every month a CUC meter reader comes by to read the electric meter. The amount of the next monthly bill is based on that reading, which represents the electricity that has been used during the billing period.

This section covers the following topics:

  • identifying meter readers
  • estimated bills and
  • meter tampering.



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How to Identify CUC meter readers

If a meter is located inside your residence or business and the meter reader has to enter the building, please ask to see their CUC identification. You should be able to use the following list to identify a CUC meter reader. CUC meter readers

•carry a CUC photo identification card, and

•dress in BLUE T-shirts

Because your safety is important, if you believe that our employee will have difficulty accessing your meter, please call so we can arrange to have the meter read.

Estimated bills


If a locked entrance, dog or other reason prevents our employee from reading the meter; CUC makes the closest estimate possible based on your history of electricity purchases. If we estimate your bill, it is stated as an estimate “E” on your bill.


If the estimate is too high or too low, the bill is automatically adjusted after the next actual reading.


Meter Tampering

The Commonwealth Utility Corporations mission is to identify meter tampering and/or current/water diversion, irregular metering conditions, incorrect billing, cases of fraud, and initiate action to recover lost revenues.

•An activity established at CUC to reduce the unauthorized use of energy and potable water

•Self reconnections after non-payment

•Unknown users

•An activity to ensure metering accuracy and detect meter tampering

•An activity to identify customers who fraudulently obtain service

•False names

•Name switching

•Identity theft

Meter tampering and diversion of service have been recognized as escalating problems throughout the utility industry.

The Commonwealth Utility Corporations(CUC) commitment to detect and deter theft of electricity and water throughout its service area.

Meter tampering and diversion of service is illegal. Theft of electricity or water can result in a fine and/or service disconnection.

•The Authority reminds all employees, customers and the general public that anyone caught tampering will be fined for each incident and the Authority will pursue criminal charges through the CNMI Attorney General’s Office.

•The CNMI Legislature amended the previous meter tampering law to increase the fines imposed against persons convicted of the misdemeanor offense of tampering.

In addition the customer will also be back billed for all unbilled electricity/water used during the period of tampering.

•ALL cases of suspected meter tampering will be investigated.

•Do not feel obligated or forced to give your name. Our responsibility is to promptly and thoroughly investigate/document reported incidents of tampering.