Utility Theft

Tampering with Utilities is Dangerous And it’s Against the Law


 Utility theft – the stealing of electricity, natural gas or water – is dangerous. It affects everyone.

Commonwealth Utilities Corporation is concerned about your safety and the safety of others. When you tamper with meters or utility lines, you expose yourself and others to a very dangerous situation.

 Only trained CUC professionals are authorized to work with electricity, natural gas and water services. If you tamper, there’s a chance you will cause an explosion, start a fire or be electrocuted. Don’t put yourself or others at risk.

 Remember, all usage must be metered, including water taken from fire hydrants. Unauthorized use or theft costs more for everyone in the community with additional repair, investigation, and administrative costs.


Tampering is Dangerous

  • When people tamper with utilities, they cause a safety hazard which could result in personal injury from an explosion, fire, or electrocution.
  • We have discovered that most tampered sites become a safety hazard, putting your family and neighbors in danger. Don’t take chances with your safety.

 Tampering Affects Everyone

  • When people steal service from a utility, they are stealing from everyone, because theft of service could lead to increased rates and fees.

Tampering is Against the Law

  • Any type of utility theft is a crime! This includes taking water from fire hydrants without paying for it.
  • Report any suspicious activity to CUC at (670)664-4282 or to the police. All calls are confidential.

Protect Yourself

  • If you have not requested a service call and someone requests access to your home, ask for their identification. All CUC employees carry a photo identification badge. A quick call to (670)664-4282 for confirmation is always welcomed.