PayGo – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Web-Based Electric Prepay Program?

  • It is a program that allows CUC customers to benefit from a specialized meter that permits a customer to go online and access a customer web-portal and purchase or pay for energy (power) before they use it. The program requires the installation of a Nighthawk electric meter at the customer’s location.

2) What is a Nighthawk electric meter?

  • A Nighthawk electric meter is a smart meter that records your energy consumption and can be read or sent commands through cellular radio access.

3) Who is eligible to apply for the Web-Based Electric Prepay Program?

  • At this time, only Residential and Government customers are eligible.

4) Who can benefit the most from this program?

  • Residential customers such as:
  • The elderly
  • Persons with disability or who are sick
  • Those who don’t have transportation
  • Multi-family homes
  • Families with teenagers
  • Those with secured fencing and gates

5) What are the advantages or benefits of a web-based prepay meter over a post-pay meter?

  • No disconnection or reconnection fees when your funds run out
  • No more electric bills, delinquent or disconnection notices for electric, or unexpected charges
  • Easy and convenient to purchase energy, 24 hours a day online
  • Save gas by not having to drive to a Customer Center to make a payment
  • Save time by avoiding payment lines
  • Allows a customer to manage their consumption and stay within their budget every month
  • Able to monitor energy usage and charges daily
  • No bill due dates to worry about
  • No meter reading every month

6) How can I apply for the Web-Based Electric Prepay Program?

  • You can apply for the Web-Based Electric Prepay Program by submitting a CUC Application for Service at any of our Customer Service Centers in Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

7) What documentation and information do I need to provide?

  • To complete your application form, you need to provide the following documentation and information:
  1. Copy of Proof of Ownership (deed or sale) and or Copy of Notarized Lease Agreement or Notarized Authorization Letter from the Landlord or Owner (original document must be presented with a copy)
  2. Valid Identification (Driver’s license, Passport, Mayor’s Office I.D., etc.)
  3. Existing meter number and reading if electric service is inactive
  4. Simple sketch or map of the location of your property or compound
  5. Active email address (required)
  6. Cellular contact number

8) What if I have outstanding utility bills with CUC? How can I settle those balances?

  • There are two options: 1) the customer can clear the outstanding bills before getting on a prepay meter or 2) the customer’s debt is settled through payment arrangements and is transferred to the online prepayment account. Each time the customer pays or purchases energy, the system allows the customer to settle his/her debt on their account by deducting the amount or percentage as approved. The deduction is automatic until the debt is cleared.

9) What are the required fees and security deposit payments before inspection of the meter entrance can proceed?

  • For existing customers, a meter change out fee of $95.00 is required to change from a post-pay to a prepay meter. For new installations, a single-phase meter fee of $135.00 is required instead.
  • Electric Security Deposit – $185.00

10) Why do I need to pay a security deposit?

  • A refundable security deposit is required for each meter to provide security to CUC for damages which may be caused to CUC meters.

11) What other payments do I need to make?

  • You must purchase or prepay for energy by putting funds in your PayGo account. A representative can assist you with an initial payment or you may do it on your own through the online web portal after your account has been set up.

12) How do I set-up a PayGo account?

  • A representative will assist you set up your account after your meter entrance passed inspections. It should take about 20 minutes.

13) Do I need a credit or debit card to make payment or purchase energy online? How do I make payments online?

  • Yes. You can only purchase or prepay energy online by using a valid debit or credit card. The PayGo online system is hosted on a secured web-site.

14) Will I be charged a convenience fee when I purchase or prepay energy online?

  • Yes. The system will automatically charge a convenience fee of $1.50 each time you purchase or prepay energy online. The convenience fee is assessed by the online vendor and the bank merchant. CUC does not receive any portion of the fee.

15) How does the Nighthawk meter know when I purchase or prepay energy on my PayGo account?

  • The PayGo system communicates the connection status of your account daily with the Nighthawk web system which then communicates by wireless cellular radio waves to the Nighthawk meter. If there are funds on your account, the PayGo system commands the meter to stay in a “Connect” state. If there are no more funds in your account, the PayGo system commands the meter to go into a “Disconnect” state.

16) How does the PayGo system know what to charge against my prepaid balance?

  • Just as the PayGo system sends commands to the meter by wireless cellular radio waves, the Nighthawk meter also communicates back to the web system the reading on your meter daily. The PayGo system then computes your energy consumption based on that reading and calculates and deducts the charges from your prepaid balance.

17) Will I get a disconnect notice in the mail?

  • CUC will not mail disconnect notices to customers on the Web-Based Electric Prepay Program. Instead, the PayGo system will send you an electronic “Prepay Low Balance Notice” by email or text message letting you know your balance and the estimated number of days remaining based on your current daily average kWh cost. You have control of the notification options and the frequency you wish to receive them on your PayGo account settings.

18) How can I purchase more prepaid energy or put more funds in my PayGo account?

  • You can access your PayGo online account to purchase or prepay more energy by visiting – Click on the PayGo box and login to your account using your registered username and password to access your account.

19) What if my internet service or phone data is down, disconnected or I don’t have a subscription?

  • The program requires web access. CUC encourages you to get data or internet service to be able to maximize the benefits of the program.
  • If you’re not able to access the web from home, you may visit one of our Customer Centers on Saipan, Tinian or Rota and a representative can assist you to access your online account.
  • For inquiry purposes only, you can call the CUC Call Center at (670) 664-4282 (664-4CUC) and a representative can assist you over the phone.

20) Is there a User Guide to help customers navigate through their PayGo account?

  • Yes, every enrolled customer will get a PayGo Customer Web Portal User Guide to help you get familiar with your account.

21) If I terminate my account, can I get my unused funds on the account back?

  • Yes, any remaining funds on your account after the final meter reading, including your paid security deposit, will be refunded within 30 days.

22) Are the electric rates and charges different on a prepay meter than on a post-pay meter?

  • No. The electric rates and charges for energy consumption on a prepay meter are the same as a post-pay meter for each customer class. The charges drawn down from your PayGo funds are computed the same way the electric charges are computed for post-pay consumption.