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Table of Contents

1.1 Customer Portal Access

1.2 Registration

1.3 Customer Welcome Page

1.4 Customer Home Screen

1.5 Meter

1.6 Usage Info

1.7 Usage Page

1.8 Payment

1.9 AutoPay

1.10 Balances

1.11 Notification

1.12 Reports

1.13 Customer Support

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The PayGo Customer Web Portal is intended for PayGo customers and provided as a management tool for their PayGo accounts.  Customers can view current energy consumption, determine account balances, configure user settings, generate reports, and make payments.  The Branding Logos email layout/color schemes may be different based on your utility.

 1.1          Customer Portal Access

The PayGo Electric Customer Web Portal can be accessed by visiting the link provided during enrollment.

If you already have a username and password, just enter your information and click the Submit button.

1.2          Registration

If this is your first time accessing the PayGo Customer Web Portal, click the Register Account link.  Enter your Registration Number (provided in enrollment notification), Last Name, and Zip Code. You will then be assigned a temporary username and password. This information will be emailed, text messaged or given to you by the CSR at enrollment.




1.3         Customer Welcome Page

This page is displayed to the customer after registering their account the first time they log in to the Prepay portal.  The page includes a welcome message and gives some introductory information on how the Customer can manage their account.


Figure 3: Home Screen

1.4       Customer Home Screen

The home screen page includes the ‘At a Glance’ and Usage Info for your account.  This includes meter status, energy usage, and links to the additional PayGo screens.  Click the Home link from any screen in the portal to return to this Home screen.


1.5           Meter

If you have multiple premises/meters associated with your account, you can select the appropriate premise you would like displayed from the Selected Premise drop down menu from the top right section of the Home screen.  The Premise selection drop down is available on all pages in the Customer Portal except the Payments page.


Figure 6: Usage Info

1.6           Usage Info

The Usage Info on the Home screen is divided into two sections that provide information on your current energy usage.

The top section gives you a snapshot of your up-to-date energy consumption and charges for energy used during the current billing period.  Clicking on the Statement Snapshot will provide a detailed statement for your current total charges.

The bottom section provides a graph of your energy usage over the last seven days.  This gives you a breakdown of amount charged per day and can offer insight into your energy usage habits.  The graph also includes the high and low temperature for each day.



1.7           Usage Page

The Usage page allows you to view your usage data by Day or Month in chart format.  Select Monthly Snapshot from the Type dropdown and view the last 13 months of data, or select a custom range and see any range of monthly usage.  Select Meter Daily Consumption to view the Last month, Last 3 Months, etc. of daily usage.  Select the specified unit of measurement (dollars, kWh, therms, etc.) Both monthly and daily charts include a High/Low temperature overlay.



1.8           Payment

Clicking the Payment link will take you to the Payment screen where you can enter your credit or debit card information and make a payment for your PayGo account. Payments can also be made in various other locations based on your local utility.  Note the minimum payment amount is dependent on your local utility.

You may click the Enter Credit Card button to enter a new card, click the Manage Accounts button to add a new payment method, or select the default payment method.



Figure 10: Notification Screen


1.9           AutoPay

From the AutoPay screen you can set the account to auto draft from your default credit card when your account drops below 2 days of estimated remaining based on your past consumption. Simply select the Premise, and enter the amount you would like to have drafted and click save. This will help eliminate unwanted disconnects.  From this page you can click the “Manage Accounts” button to change the default payment method.

Figure 11: Reports


1.10           Balances

If you have multiple premises with balances, then there will be a row for each premise.  If you have an account pool with multiple premises you will see a row for the pool and sub rows to include each premise in the pool. If you have a deferred balance*, you can transfer funds to that balance. If you have multiple meters or pools, you can move funds between meters or pools from this section.

*A deferred balance is money owed to the utility. This can be a result of the utility allowing the customer to run below zero dollars on your meter.

Example of a Balances page with a two Premises:



1.11           Notification

At the notification screen you can select how you would like to be notified from PayGo (voice, text message, email) and when you will receive the notices.  You can add multiple email addresses or phone numbers by clicking the ‘Add’ button to the right on the entry text box.  You can also modify the time of day that messages will be delivered to you, for both Text and Email.  Voice

Note: the selection of (Days) correlates to the number of days remaining on your account.  This is done by estimating your past usage and calculating how many estimated days you have remaining given your current balance.  A text box will be displayed for each available “Days Remaining” notification.  Your utility may require certain days and those will be checked by default and cannot be unchecked.


1.12           Reports


1.13           Customer Support

The customer support page will give you contact information about where and how to contact your local utility customer support staff. As well as Privacy, Security and Refund policies.