Power Generation

There are three operational power plants under CUC control. Power Plant #4 is the oldest with five engines that have more than 45 years of service. Power Plants #1 & #2 are similar age with six in the former and four in the latter with more than 40 years of service. Together, they could generate 68 Megawatts (MW) of power and we are averaging 40 MW per day. Power Plant #3 was decommissioned; however, efforts are in play to re-establish its operation to provide back-up power to the well field surrounding the international airport on Saipan. Presently, Power Generation is in the process of rebuilding three of its engines to provide breathing room to focus efforts on pursuing a new power plant to replace all three facilities using diesel, PV/Solar and other alternative energy systems. For that, CUC must get ready. On Rota, power generation averages 1.2 MW per day at peak load, whereas, Tinian averages 1.9 MW per day.