Saipan is presently the only island with a sewage treatment. Tinian and Rota rely exclusively on septic systems. Funding to upgrade both wastewater treatment plants on Saipan to put them close to their original design condition was released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the end of FY2020 and bidding to begin these improvements should be out by the second quarter of FY2021. Efforts to consider wastewater treatment on Tinian may come down to the United States military with potential interest and new commercial development in downtown San Jose, Tinian. New homesteads being authorized on Tinian may also drive a decision for development of a modular treatment process for each homestead. Sewer connections are growing as CUC finds new areas in existing neighborhoods to connect and as new home construction is completed for properties getting FEMA assistance for replacement housing. For Rota and Tinian, CUC does not provide wastewater treatment services at this time but there is interest developing to introduce a small modular system for each homestead.