For the first time, 24-hour water was available island-wide in July of 2018, providing water to 60,000 residents in 14 Tank Service Areas (TSA) using 131 wells to meet demand. Since Super Typhoon Yutu, Water Division has been focused on improving preventive maintenance, instituting a new pressure management program, developing a water audit to assure there is 70% coverage following any environmental event, and responding to the recent emphasis on per-fluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)/ perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) contaminants in the water system due to firefighting foam materials used at the international airport. Non-revenue water loss is averaging 63% for FY2020 and plans to reduce that loss will be seen as the new programs are rolled out and capital improvements continue to replace out dated asbestos concrete pipes which is the bulk of the old water supply system.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is on track to fund the installation of backup generating units and containment facilities to assure power will be available for a minimum of 70% of the island. Tinian received a new power backup unit for its primary well head and Rota has two generating units purchased by CUC.