Rates and Tariffs


Fuel Adjustment Charge (FAC) – By order of the Commonwealth Public Utilities Commission, CUC is authorized to adjust the FAC rate, previously known as Levelized Energy Adjustment Clause or LEAC, depending on the price of oil. Adjustments are made when the “Mean of Platts Singapore” monthly pricing equals or exceeds a 4.5% differential of the average per gallon cost of fuel used in the calculation of the Fuel Adjustment Charge.


Pursuant to the Water Electric Charge & Wastewater Electric Charge tariff authorized by the Commonwealth Public Utilities Commission (“Commission”) in its January 27, 2012 Order, the new Water Electric Charge will be $3.72 per 1,000 gallons, increased from $3.54, effective March 5, 2013.The Commission enacted the Water Electric Charge to “reimburse CUC for all power costs associated with the production, treatment and transportation of water and wastewater service.”


The Commonwealth Public Utilities Commission’s Tariff Certification Order dated April 16, 2014, approved new wastewater non-rate fees, which became effective on April 17, 2014.